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We realize that our success depends on understanding the needs of our clients and recognizing the benefits that our clients can obtain from using our products and services. We are proud of the fact that our products and services create a value stream that benefits a wide variety of clients. Perhaps you see yourself described by one of these classes of our clients.

Decision Maker
You may have one of the following titles: 'Public Works Director', 'Streets and Drainage Manager', 'Maintenance Superintendent', 'City Engineer', 'County Engineer' , 'City Manager', etc. The buck stops with you and you demand information that is reliable so that you can make your decisions with confidence. You need information systems which are flexible enough for your staff to readily maintain them with the limited resources you have and you appreciate working with consultants who help keep you informed on the trends which transform the professional landscape in which you work.
Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)
Your organization needs a strategic information system for shaping the infrastructure management goals of your region. You work with a range of local governmental agencies that are at different stages of development and have incredibly varying resources available to maintain the information that your MPO needs to succeed. Our MPO clients use our products and services to develop objective means for allocating resources to their local governmental agencies based on needs which are independent from other political considerations.

Technical Manager
You know who you are. It's your responsibility to integrate the information from several comprehensive (and probably non-compatible) systems, maintain this data, and generate detailed system reports to provide the right information at the right time for your organization. You appreciate software programs which are intuitive to use and are supported by technically competent people who are easy to reach and pleasant to work with.
Homeowner Association (HOA) Manager
You work for a HOA management company or you have an entirely separate career and have volunteered or have been elected to make economic decisions that are in the best interest of the citizens who live in your private community. You need to know if your reserve account covers the present and future costs of your pavements and other related infrastructure but you don't have the time, will, or energy to become an infrastructure management expert. Perhaps you need an objective consultant to determine if the failure of your pavements is due to the negligence of your contractor or is due to the combined causes of environmental wear and the given traffic use. We can help you determine the present condition of your community's infrastructure and help you develop an investment plan to support the needs of your infrastructure at the condition level you require.

Engineering Consultant/GIS Professional
Perhaps you do not own any infrastructure assets but your clients do and you both need better information to present the needs and shape you the goals for the systems you collectively manage. It is your responsibility to understand your client's needs and to provide the right information at the right time, for a reasonable cost that covers the margins you need to meet your bottom line. We walk that same line and we understand the value of maintaining strong customer relationships. To this end we have developed a value added reseller (VAR) agreement which allows you to use our software in house or to distribute it to your clients as their needs and/or resources allow.
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What is the prevailing infrastructure asset management philosophy of your organization? GoodPointe specializes in helping you find the right level of infrastructure inventory and condition information to sustain your operational goals.
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