Condition Survey

'All things appear and disappear because of the concurrence of causes and conditions. Nothing ever exists entirely alone; everything is in relation to everything else.'

Hindu Prince Gautama Siddharta
founder of Buddhism, 563-483 BCE

What is the prevailing infrastructure asset management philosophy of your organization?

For many organizations, past efforts to "manage" these assets have typically involved using the "fix the worst first" or "squeaky wheel" approaches. Such methods have almost always resulted in spending too little or too much, too early or too late. In any case, these have resulted in increased costs of maintaining assets at a time when taxpayers, shareholders, and owners are demanding more for less.

Years ago, assets were scheduled for replacement after they were no longer serviceable. Now maintenance can be strategically planned to extend the serviceable life of these infrastructure assets. According to various university and federal government studies, the total maintenance investment for certain assets kept in "very good" condition is four to five times less than if the asset is allowed to deteriorate to a level where the only option is major rehabilitation.

The key to strategic maintenance planning is in knowing the current condition of the various elements of your infrastructure network and understanding how it is changing with time and in response to your ongoing maintenance, repair, and rehabilitation efforts.

GoodPointe provides the following data collection services:

Requirements Analysis to determine a sustainable data collection plan to support your unique management system needs

Inventory field data collection services for your roadway pavements, shoulders, curb/gutter, sidewalks/pathways, pavement markings, traffic signs and signals, street lamps, catch basins, manholes, vaults, valves, and other miscellaneous right of way features such as trees, bus stops, etc

Condition evaluation surveys ranging from manual- to semi- automated, GPS-referenced digital imaging surveys of any of the above inventory assets

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Condition Survey
What is the prevailing infrastructure asset management philosophy of your organization? GoodPointe specializes in helping you find the right level of infrastructure inventory and condition information to sustain your operational goals.
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