Product FAQ

Q.What is ICON and what does it do?

ICON stands for Infrastructure CONsultant (ICON) which is our powerful web-based software program which we first developed in 1992 and have since implemented for clients across North America and around the world. ICON is a relational database management system (RDBMS) which is used to store and analyze infrastructure asset information. ICON's universal design allows you to manage the information for additional infrastructure networks all in the same relational database management system

Our Work Management module enables the generation and assignment of service requests and work orders, which you can track against your infrastructure assets, to improve the productivity of your operations.

ICON also features the tracking and analysis of mobile assets in our AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) module . Our EMERGE! mobile data collection application enables you to use your smart phone or tablet device to collect and update your inventory and condition data in coordination with your ICON system. 

Q.How do you distinguish your products from your competitors?
A. A distinct competitive advantage that we have over our competitors is that we treat our clients as active stakeholders in the continued development of the ICON program, through our User Group meetings. At the User Group Meetings we hold round table discussions with our clients to determine what features and enhancements they need from the program. From these discussions we develop a list of proposed features and enhancements for ICON and then have our authorized users vote for the features that are most important to their pavement management operations. Our software development activity is prioritized according to the results of the voting process held at our User Group Meetings. We challenge our competitors to come up with a more effective development model.

Q.What types of users work with your software products?
A. Our clients are public works managers, metropolitan planning organizations, city managers, street maintenance managers, GIS professionals, homeowner association managers, city planners, county engineers, and anyone else who is entrusted to manage infrastructure assets for their organization. For a more detailed description of who are clients are please select the item Company in the menu and then check out the link Clients.
Q.How do I contact GoodPointe Technology?
A. Send us an email at or select the item Contact in the menu will give you the information you need to contact us with any questions you may have regarding our infrastructure management software products and services.

Q.How do you address changes and modifications to ICON?
A. ICON is designed so that the user has the ability to customize the pavement maintenance and rehabilitation strategies, pavement performance curves, pull down lists, and unit costs, simply by making changes to the parameters set in the ICON database tables. This comprehensive design has effectively reduced the number of changes and modifications that our clients request that we make for the ICON application. Over the years, however, our clients have made many useful suggestions and have recommended changes to the ICON program. Thus we are able to avoid the "Ivory Tower Software Development Syndrome" and use these suggestions to take advantage of the intelligence of our user community.
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