Beta Testing

Access to the GoodPointe Technology Beta Testing Web Site is restricted to prospective testers without a conflict of interest regarding information pertaining to applying for and/or testing GoodPointe Technology pre-release products. Pre-release software is considered confidential, and all testers must sign the GoodPointe Technology Pre-Release Testing Agreement (which includes a standard, nondisclosure agreement) in order to qualify for consideration for testing.

Employees and affiliates of competitors to GoodPointe Technology are not eligible to test. Accessing information or obtaining materials pertaining to GoodPointe Technology pre-release software, its testing, or applying for its testing, and disclosing and/or using such information in any way that compromises the confidentiality of GoodPointe Technology publicly unannounced information or compromises GoodPointe Technology's competitive position is strictly prohibited Violations of these conditions will be civilly prosecuted to the maximum extent possible under the law.

Explicitly, this bars from testing and further entry into this web site, persons involved in the development and/or production of competing products. IP Addresses and/or domain names of people accessing the Beta Testing web site are logged for verification.

* If you are unsure of your conflict of interest status, please send us email describing your situation, with your daytime phone number included in the body of the message, and "Conflict of Interest Inquiry" as the subject line. Send your email to:
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