Company FAQ

Q.Who is GoodPointe Technology?
A. GoodPointe Technology Corporation was formed in 1999 to focus on its core operations of software development and consulting in the field infrastructure management systems. The staff of GoodPointe Technology are former employees of Braun Intertec Corporation and GoodPointe Technology is headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota.
Q.What is with the "e" on the end of GoodPointe Technology?
A. The "e" stands for our e-strategy which is designed to provide our clients with cutting edge software technology, a highly-focused technical support service, and our interactive website, which like our software products, will continually evolve to meet the needs of our clients.

Q.What does GoodPointe Technology do?
A. GoodPointe Technology is a software development and consulting company with expertise in the implementation of infrastructure management systems and Geographical Information Systems (GIS). These implementation services include: strategic planning, data transfer and pavement condition data collection services, infrastructure system analysis, generating budget analysis scenarios and the development of short-term and long-term pavement maintenance/rehabilitation plans and GASB Statement 34 consulting services. GoodPointe Technology owns the proprietary rights to the InfrastructureCONsultant (ICON) infrastructure management software which is used by city and county clients across the country (as far north as Minnesota and south to the Gulf Coast, from California to the eastern seaboard).
Q.How do you distinguish yourself and your products from your competitors?
A. A distinct competitive advantage that we have over our competitors is that we treat our clients as active stakeholders in the continued development of the ICON program, through our User Group meetings. At the User Group Meetings we hold round table discussions with our clients to determine what features and enhancements they need from the program. From these discussions we develop a list of proposed features and enhancements for ICON and then have our authorized users vote for the features that are most important to their pavement management operations. Our software development activity is prioritized according to the results of the voting process held at our User Group Meetings. We challenge our competitors to come up with a more effective development model.

Q.Who are your clients?
A. Our clients are public works managers, metropolitan planning organizations, city managers, street maintenance managers, GIS professionals, homeowner association managers, city planners, county engineers, and anyone else who is entrusted to manage infrastructure assets for their organization. For a more detailed description of who are clients are please check out the following link: Our Clients
Q.How do I contact GoodPointe Technology?
A. Clicking on the following link Contact Us will give you the information you need to contact us with any questions you may have regarding our infrastructure management software products and services.

Q.Why are you called GoodPointe Technology?
A. Actually the name "GoodPointe Technology" came from one of our clients who was helping us brainstorm for ideas to find a name for our business venture. As we discussed what we hoped to accomplish in our venture this client told us we had a really good point. Then he said, "Good point, good point. Hey you should call yourselves good point!" We named ourselves GoodPointe Technology to capture that moment that occurs in those important meetings when great ideas converge and the spirit of cooperation is sparked. Now when hear the phrase "you have a good point" spoken in our meetings with our clients and business partners, it reassures us and the mission of our company.
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